Sharper customer insight & better results with CIM7

CIM stands for Cusomer Insight Management, a structured approach for actionable customer centricity in your organisation. Based on data and research resulting in a higher customer experience and customer value.

7 represents multiple meanings. One is that in the view of CIM7 Customer Insight over seven years (from the inception) is anchored in all organisations, or that organization does not reach 2022. With the limited time we want to show that there is a need for a ‘sense of urgency’ to change to a customer centricity on the basis of data.

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Team of specialists

CIM7 works with a team of specialised data analysts and IT developers and is active in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Managing Partners are Frank van Delft (Netherlands) and Marc Van de Perre (Belgium).
Yourzine, full service direct marketing agency is a business partner of CIM7.

“Data driven Customer Insight will be the leading factor for successful business ”  CIM7

Founder and Managing Partner CIM7, Frank van Delft

Frank van Delft is an expert in data science and predictive marketing based on (big) data, including the implementation in (international) large and medium sized companies. His core competence is helping organisations to increase effectively customer value and value for their customers, by forging a structured process of data, data analysis, customer insight, predictive marketing and marketing activation. Education in quantitative business economics and ICT. Working experiences in marketing, data science and communication. Since 2014 Managing Partner of CIM7, customer insight management.

Managing Partner CIM7, Marc Van de Perre

Marc is an expert in marketing analytics, including data mining, predictive modelling and the latest techniques and technology behind big data. He puts his knowledge in the field of marketing segmentation, database marketing, marketing automation and CRM and has international experience in large enterprises and SME’s.
Marc Van de Perre is since July 2015 Managing Partner of CIM7.

Mantra’s CIM7

  • There is always room for improvement and innovation. And it enriches our lives
  • Co-creation is necessary, effective and enjoyable
  • Innovation based on (big) data is an intuitive interpretation of facts
  • If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it


To facilitate organisations in improving their customer centricity based on sharp customer insight underpinned by data (and research).